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Shiba-inu  Puppy  NO.15

Puppy No. 15  (Shiba-inu)

The owner has been decided
Mr. Tremblay   Toronto

Dog breed

Color Red
Birthday 01 Dec 2021
Sex Female


What is included in the above price

The price of the Shiba Inu puppy (NO.15)

The cost of shipping the puppy by air, and other necessary expenses to send the puppy overseas.

Other necessary expenses to send the puppy overseas (see details below)


 1. Air freight charges from Tokyo to any US city

 2. Japan domestic air freight charges

 3. 2 doses of mixed vaccination

4 Microchip fee

5 Rabies vaccine

6 Cost of pet cage (crate)

7 Quarantine and other documentation fees

8 Veterinarian's health certificate

9 External and internal parasite control

10 Fee to the pet forwarder company for the above procedures


For Canada and EU, the price is the same as the US.

If you live in other countries, please contact us.



These are very adorable and cute red shiba sisters.

They have bright eyes and I am looking forward to their future growth.


They are also very friendly and cheerful.


Of course, both parents are exhibition bloodlines.

They are small in size, so they are suitable for indoor keeping.


We recommend them to people who want a small Shiba Inu with a beautiful face.

(This is not a mame shiba.)


They are of course in good health and are growing up well.


The blackness of his face will gradually fade as he grows



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