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The event took place on November 19 2023.

at the 108th National Exhibition of the Japanese Society for Preservation of Dogs

Our kennel's "Nankai Beni Ryuoh

won the 3rd place adult dog prize in the A group of adult dogs.


We would like to thank all the people who supported us.

 Shiba Inu and puppies’ breeder 
創竜庵 Souryuuan

Shiba Inu puppies
for sale

We are breeding dogs that are the Minister's Award Dogs as highest authority in Shiba inu who names Tethunishiki and Hamaryu and Fukutenriki as a father of them.

We are bringing Shiba Inu to the exhibition of The Association for the Preservation of the Japanese Dog in Japan.

We dedicate to breed better puppies and would like to sell puppies of the same high-level as the Shiba Inu sold in Japan to customers in the USA.

In addition to high-quality puppies, we dedicate to ensure the parent dogs and puppies we breed do not get genetic diseases, so owners don’t have to worry about their health as well. 


We would like to offer our deepest sympathies to the victims that have died from COVID-19.

For those who are currently suffering from the infection, we sincerely hope that you will make a full recovery as soon as possible.

Dog rearing with health as the top

We dedicate to breed high-quality puppies of great lineage.

Moreover, we work together with our regular veterinarians who are in charge of their health too so owners can feel at ease.

We raise new-born puppies freely with their mother dogs in a natural environment.

20 years of experience at Shiba Inu exhibitions

We have 20 years of history in Shiba Inu breeding and participating in its

exhibition. We are working hard to breed puppies of an even higher level from

Shiba Inu with excellent lineage and great records.


Without coming to Japan, you can get high-quality Shiba Inu that can potentially put on great performances at Japanese exhibitions.

Fast response and support

I believe you’re worried about purchasing a living animal from the faraway land of Japan. Please rest assured as we provide every possible after-sales service.

We are working hard to secure personnel so that we can answer emailed

questions promptly and politely.

Introduction to breeders

I’m Yumi Nishimura, the representative.

Look for Souryuuan, a specialized Shiba Inu and puppies’ breeder, if you’re considering of buying a Shiba Inu or puppy.

We send high-quality puppies of great lineage from Japan, the home of Shiba Inu.

We sell healthy puppies of the same level as those sold in Japan to customers in the



Please feel free to contact us.


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