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Flow of Purchase

you have decided on a puppy of your liking.

Please contact us by phone or email when you have decided on a

puppy of your liking.

(Dogs are important family members who spend about

15 years—a long time together with you.

Before you make a reservation, we would like you to carefully consider it with your family.

When you contact us, please tell us your desired puppy number or

your desired type of puppy.

We will hear your requests in detail and do our best to meet your


For inquiries, please contact us at the following.

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We can not call you back when we are not able to talk by phone, Please try it again in a while.


You can email us in English.

From after you decide to buy it, to the day of
the flight (the day we send the puppy)

We will arrange with you the rough delivery time and transportation method for the puppy.

(We will check the season in advance as it could change after we send the puppy, depending on the state.)

Please make your payment.

After making the formal reservation, please first pay the air transportation costs (e.g. $2800 USD to Los Angeles).

Please pay for the cost of the puppy at least one week prior to the date of air transportation. 

* You may also pay the cost of the puppy and the air transportation in one payment.


We will attach a PDF of the information regarding the purchase

procedure (purchase and sale agreement) to an email.

We apologize for the inconvenience but please download the PDF file, sign on it, and send it to us via email attachment.


When the time comes, we will prepare all vaccines (combination,

rabies, etc.), health checks, microchips, and suchlike.

After 51 days of age, we will get its veterinarian to give it a

combination vaccine and a health check-up. (We will send you the

vaccination certificate and health certificate with the puppy.)


We will perform these procedures at Japan’s Animal Quarantine



We will send the puppy over when it’s our agreed time to do so.

Please feel free to contact us anytime if you have any questions after

the puppy arrives.

You can email us in English.


Expenses other than the cost of Shiba Inu Puppy

 1. Air freight (cargo)

 2. To send puppies to our customers at ease, we entrust the following to a specialized company.

 (1)  Preparation and procedure of import and export

applications to the animal quarantine station for

quarantine inspection

 (2)  Application procedure for the entry and exit permits to the U.S. Embassy and animal quarantine station

 (3) Preparation of every certificate required for animal

quarantine in the USA

 (4) Reserving pet transport with airlines

 3. Various vaccines (combination and rabies)

 4. Health certificate

 5. Microchip

 6. Pet crate required for transportation

 ※  For example, if we send the puppy to Los Angeles from Japan, the total expenses above

will amount to approximately $2,800.




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Please feel free to contact us

Japanese only


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You can email us in English.