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Overview of Souryuuan 

Name 創竜庵 Souryuuan
Represen-tative Yumi Nishimura
Address 〒861-1681 243,Yukino, Kikuchi-shi, Kumamoto-ken, Japan



080-2724-6741,  Japanese only

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7:00 ~ 22:00



Sale of Shiba Inu (exhibiting in Japan) puppies overseas
E-mail shiba@shiba-inu-japan.jp


cost excluding the sale price

1 Air transportation fee to the USA

2 Miscellaneous expenses (various vaccines, health certificate, service charge for quarantine and suchlike, microchips, etc.)

3 Above Procedure

Commission for Agents

※There will be overhead expenses other than the air transportation fee, so we will give you a rough estimate after the formal


Payment You need to make full payment within 3 days after you make an official reservation.

Pet e-commerce is a special type of sale. If you cancel the order based on your own circumstances, we will lose the opportunity to sell the puppy, so in principle, we do not accept cancellation.

In such cases, we may calculate and claim the loss from you.

The loss is half of the price of the puppy.

However, if it is clearly due to our mistake, we will offer you a cancellation and transfer the refund in full amount in advance.




Over Peri-od

The state it’s bound for plays a part as well, but it will be around 4 months after birth.

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Please feel free to contact us

Japanese only


Reception hours:7:00~22:00

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You can email us in English.