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Shiba Inu puppies

We have more newborn puppies besides posted on the website.

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Shiba Inu puppies for sale

We are bringing Shiba Inu to the exhibition of The

Association for the Preservation of the Japanese Dog in


We dedicate to breed better puppies and would like to sell puppies of the same high-level as the Shiba Inu sold in

Japan to customers in the USA.

In addition to high-quality puppies, we dedicate to ensure the parent dogs and puppies we breed do not get genetic diseases, so owners don’t have to worry about their health as well. 


※We are breeding dogs that are the Minister's Award Dogs as highest authority in Shiba inu who names Tethunishiki and Hamaryu and Fukutenriki as a father of them.



Description of the flow of buying a puppy, until the moment you purchase it.

Puppy No. 48 (Shiba-inu)


Now accepting       

Dog breed   Shiba-inu

Color          Black

Birthday    16 Aug  2023

Puppy No. 48      


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You can email us in English.